Engaging, entertaining, and (secretly) educating audiences with puppetry arts!

Photo Credit: Kim Lee Photography

Barefoot Puppet Theatre tours award-winning programs to theatres, schools, libraries, children’s museums and more. Families, educators, librarians, and theatre directors give enthusiastic reviews of our programs and invite us back again and again. Audiences love our innovative, hand-crafted puppets and beautifully built staging and scenery.

Our self-contained touring shows can adapt to a variety of spaces. We travel with a full sound system and supplemental lighting, though we are always thrilled to perform in spaces with full technical support. We work hard to create a theatrical environment wherever we perform.

We have performed throughout the country (and a bit beyond!). Notable venues include The Smithsonian Discovery Theater, The Puppet Showplace Theatre in Boston, The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, and The Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta. We have also performed at numerous puppetry festivals throughout the country. In 2008, we made our international debut at the Puppets Up! festival in Ontario, Canada. (We’ve even been invited back to Broadway numerous times…well, Broadway, Virginia!) From state-of-the-art theatres to school cafeterias, Barefoot Puppet Theatre would be thrilled to perform for you!