Mission, Vision & Values

Mission: We activate JOY, CURIOSITY, and ENTHUSIASM for lifelong learning through the art of puppetry with live performances, virtual interactions, workshops, and residencies.

Vision: Performances! Workshops! Communities all over the world coming together through the art of puppetry to share experiences and learn together.


Play: Humans learn best through play; we imbue our performances (and even our workshops!) with a sense of play.

Accessibility: We provide accommodations to our venues and our audiences to the best of our ability. This has included, but is not limited to: adapting our materials for sensory-friendly performances, providing backstage “touch-tours” to sight-impaired individuals, providing scripts/materials for ASL interpretation, and other accommodations.

Inclusiveness: We respect people, value diversity, and are deeply committed to equity.

Integrity: We listen to our clients and stand behind our work.

Sustainable Processes and Materials: (1) Working with locally sourced materials whenever possible. (2) Using repurposed materials, naturally sources fibers, recycled papers, and similar actions. (3) Prioritizing “well-made” over “cheap” when it comes to purchasing needed equipment.



Barefoot Puppet Theater tours award-winning programs to theatres, schools, libraries, children's museums and more. Though we are based out of Richmond, VA, our self-contained productions tour across the country. No matter your location, Barefoot Puppet Theatre would be thrilled to perform for you! Contact us today!


P.O. Box 26366, Richmond, VA 23260 | 804. 458. 3377