Post-show Bliss

What a day! A rainy, dreary day, by all accounts, except that we were indoors performing at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts for their Family Fun Day.

We had a great audience: they were ready to have fun and interact. They even laughed at all our bad jokes. But the best part of the whole day was AFTER the show.

A man from the audience came up with his son and asked if we were doing any more shows locally. “Not anytime real soon,” was my reply. Then he said that he had been to some of our other shows and that they always seen so full, with lots of people. “I think you should be doing shows on a more regular basis in Richmond.”


“We are working on that!” I told him. And we are. My husband and I are on the founding board for Puppets Off Broad Street. Our mission: create a vibrant puppetry scene with regular performances, programs, and workshops in the Richmond region. I talked to the man about our plans — it was such a great conversation!

It was awesome to feel validated.

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