Dreamtime, Tales from Down Under

dreamtime-duck-sun-heidi-2-650x1024Running Time: 45 minutes
Audience: PK-Grade 5 and families
Recommended audience size: up to 350
Dreamtime – Learning Guide for educators

Emus, crocodiles and frogs — oh my!

Experience the magic of “The Land Down Under” in this performance inspired by Aboriginal folktales. A young platypus, Billy, has a tough time being nocturnal. Going to sleep in the middle of the day? His mother tries to help him settle in by sharing three stories from the Australian Dreamtime. In these “How and Why” tales, you’ll learn how the emu became a flightless bird and why the platypus looks so strange. In the final story, you’ll even meet a giant, bloated, ocean-swallowing frog!

Will the world survive the loss of water? Will Billy EVER fall asleep?

Space & Technical Requirements: Clear, performing area that is 15 feet wide, 15 feet deep and has a ceiling clearance of at least 8 feet. We provide wireless mic and professional sound or can work through your house system.

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