Little by Little

LBLRunning Time: 45 minutes
Audience: Grade 1-5 and family audiences
Recommended audience size: up to 350 (unless in a theatre with a raked stage, then 500)
Little by Little – Learning Guide for educators

Coming Soon! Shares a story of small acts that create a world of difference. Narrated by a “nutty” little acorn, this performance takes the audience on a journey over time as they witness the regrowth of a forest after a devastating fire. Follow the life stories of creatures large and small — even beetles and grubs! Squirrels frolic, birds migrate, and seasons change. Told with hand puppets, shadow puppets, and rod puppets, the acorn’s tale unfolds visually as, little by little, a new forest is born. Now booking for 2021.

Space & Technical Requirements: Clear, performing area that is 16 feet wide, 15 feet deep and has a ceiling clearance of at least 10 feet high. We provide wireless mic and professional sound or can work through your house system.

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