Taking a Deep Breath

I’ve been avoiding the blog. My last post was made back in early March, back when plans were still being made. Remember that? It was a grand announcement of our (then) upcoming anniversary tour of “Galapagos George.” I was really excited about it. The fifty-year anniversary of finding Lonesome George on Pinta Island was coming up, and we were going to launch a big anniversary tour. This has been in the works for several years. We already had anchor gigs set up and were getting ready to start arranging for the full tour in 2021.

Looking Back

Baby George and Penny the Sea Lion

Baby George and Penny the Sea Lion; puppets from “Galapagos George” by Barefoot Puppet Theatre.

“Galapagos George” was a challenging show to create, and I am super proud of how it has evolved and changed. It was a show that felt risky to build. I remember describing it to venues as I was finishing it up. “It’s all about extinction…but it has cute puppets and happy music,” was a poor description, but that approximates the wording I was originally using. It has come a long way since I first premiered the show.

The puppets were fun to design; I enjoy the voices of all the characters. The music is fabulous – thank you, Eric Weinberg! I remember vividly building puppets in his basement studio; I was tediously hand-stitching, and he was playing guitar.

Looking Ahead!

Blue Footed Booby Bird - Galapagos George by Barefoot Puppet Theatre

Blue-footed Booby Bird by Heidi Rugg, Barefoot Puppet Theatre

For the next month, I am going to start the process of revitalizing the blog. I will begin by focusing a spotlight on “Galapagos George.” It is important for me to really acknowledge the grief of the moment AND share the show in a way that I can. There is a lot of technical “stuff” regarding puppet mechs, the story of working out the science of the show, and tidbits about the process. I really like process.

I am also going to focus Instagram posts on “Galapagos George” with video shorts for the mechs. Lots of springs, slinkies, levers, and fun materials, too. Did I mention springs? I am thrilled to share with you in the way that I can.

Thanks for stopping by!

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