The German Report Pt. 1

I had an amazing time in Germany and had been fully prepared to blog all about it while I was there. These plans were thwarted, though, by my lack of a good WiFi connection…exacerbated by the 12-hour days in the studio at Wollknoll!

The workshops I attended were held at Wollknoll in Oberrot, Deutschland. It’s a small village on top of a mountain with beautiful vistas — no matter which way you looked, it was like “The Sound of Music.”

Weather-wise, it was fabulous. I packed totally wrong. I was expecting rain, clouds, chilly days. It was just sunshine. And dandelions! So many dandelions! In Europe, dandelions are not offensive; they are considered the first food of bees after a long winter. Very enlightened.

I stayed in a home down in Fichtenberg, a town at the bottom of the mountain. I was in an apartment (see below) with another workshop attendee, also from the US! She and I made it up the mountain each day to attend workshops with Gladys Paulus, a highly skilled textile artist who is also a genuinely nice human being. (Whew! It would’ve been such a letdown to meet my favorite artist and just find out she was otherwise!) Yep. Someone you’d love to have a cuppa with.

I will post up more about the trip in several posts with the goal to finish up by the end of May. Stay tuned!

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