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If I saw a shooting star, I would wish for my family to see this show!!!

Baby George and Penny the Sea Lion Taking a Deep Breath (9/1/2020) - I’ve been avoiding the blog. My last post was made back in early March, back when plans were still being made. Remember that? It was a grand announcement of our (then) upcoming anniversary tour of “Galapagos George.” I was really excited about it. The fifty-year anniversary of finding Lonesome George on Pinta Island was coming […]
Getting ready for the “Galapagos George” Anniversary Tour! (3/2/2020) - It's FINALLY happening! It's been in the works for longer than you can imagine...but we are FINALLY announcing our special Anniversary Tour of "Galapagos George." This is a double anniversary celebrating the 20th anniversary since we first starting performing this show AND commemorating the 50th anniversary of Lonesome George's discovery on Pinta Island in the […]
The German Report Pt. 1 (5/21/2018) - I had an amazing time in Germany and had been fully prepared to blog all about it while I was there. These plans were thwarted, though, by my lack of a good WiFi connection…exacerbated by the 12-hour days in the studio at Wollknoll! The workshops I attended were held at Wollknoll in Oberrot, Deutschland. It’s […]


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