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The story line and the puppets themselves kept our Kindergarden through Fifth Grade audience’s attention from start to finish!

Deutschland! (4/13/2018) - Ok. Packed! (No small feat.) At the airport. Baggage checked. TSA cleared. Peppermint tea acquired. And now, we wait. It’s been a while since I last flew. I think 2005? And I haven’t been to Germany since 1993…which is like a lifetime ago! Pre-mobile phones, pre-Google, pre-websites…like I said, a lifetime ago. It gets weird […]
Today is the day… (4/13/2018) - My suitcase is bursting with wool and all sorts of oddities for the workshops I am taking on Germany. The packing list was pretty wild (bring a hat stand and several kilos of wool!).  I am not sure what TSA will make of it… I will be posting up pictures and trying to keep tabs […]
Getting ready to go to GERMANY! (2/22/2018) - It’s a LOT of work trying to resuscitate a blog when you’ve allowed time to pass without posting anything. I am so excited about my upcoming trip to Germany, though, and am doing some fabulous prep work to get ready for it. I wanted to be sure to document everything. In my work, I’ve paid […]