Getting ready for the “Galapagos George” Anniversary Tour!

It's FINALLY happening!

It's been in the works for longer than you can imagine...but we are FINALLY announcing our special Anniversary Tour of "Galapagos George." This is a double anniversary celebrating the 20th anniversary since we first starting performing this show AND commemorating the 50th anniversary of Lonesome George's discovery on Pinta Island in the Galapagos.

This show was originally just intended as a "labor of love." I honestly did not expect that anyone would actually want to book a show about extinction. A show for young people? Just depressing, right? I remember the first summer that I booked the show: I was filled with dread. Nobody was going to ENJOY this show, right? But it has turned out to be such a magical experience -- the connections that we've made, the letters to George that people send us, and the countless emails and notices I received when George died in 2012.

I had to rewrite the ending of the show just after he died. It was not easy. I was afraid that I might burst into tears when I did the show just one week following his too-early passing. I made it through. But I STILL get emails and messages anytime some kind of discovery is made down in the Galapagos. (Not complaining -- I really like it!)

It's really all of these past encounters that have inspired our desire to tour this show more intensively. As a family based company, we've often restricted our touring to the mid-Atlantic. (Kids, you know?) But the road is calling us! So we will be packing up the show, our youngest daughter (now 13), and maybe even the dog (sometimes) as we hit the road from January 2021-August 2022. Spread the word -- we'd love to come see you!


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